Friday, 06 May 2016 09:45

JSPL, Raigarh Developed A New Section Of NPB 500x180X66 KG/ Mtr. Weight

The RUBM team of JSPL Raigarh created another milestone by developing a new section i.e. NBP 500x180x 66 kg/mtr. This section is completely developed in house. Design, Rolls, Guide, Strippers and all necessary spares are used from existing Inventory of Rolls, Guides, Strippers and other necessary spares are modified with the suitable design for rolling of NPB 500x180. In section weight 500 x 180 Beam has been developed for high-rise building construction in E450 Grade (High strength material). It is noteworthy in this connection that rolled structure are always better than fabricated structure and save the fabrication time and cost over the fabricated structure. This development is a new business opportunity in construction business solution / Market. JSPL has, recently, begged the high rise building order from M/S Flipkart, Banglore.