Tuesday, 19 April 2016 08:22

Ever Highest Monthly Production of TMT at NSPL

The Rolling Mill of NSPL achieved a record breaking production in the month of January 2016 by surpassing all previous records of highest monthly production of TMT.  The Mill produced 30061Tons  of TMT in the month of January, 2016 which is a landmark   achievement  in  itself   and  in   fact 1.5 times of the Mill capacity which  is  20,000 tons. The previous   highest   monthly   record stood   at  26263 tons in the month of October, 2015. The  RBCT (Cut&Bend) department  too  achieved  a  laudable   production figures  of 10240 tons in  the   month  of   January 2016 breaking   the previous   highest  of  8540 tons  in  the  month  of  December 2015 .