Tuesday, 19 April 2016 08:19

Angul Unit beats its own Annual Record

The year 2015-16 has been the best performing year for JSPL’s Angul unit. Every unit out did itself in terms of production targets and cost optimization, breaking their respective records.

The CGP produced 71.34 NM3 gas against 37.22 NM3 in previous year, DRI produced 9.22 MT against 4.13 MT, SMS produced 9.13 MT against 4.67 MT, Plate Mill produced 3.96 MT against 3.95 MT (in Lakhs). With this, the production of Syngas, DRI & Semis also doubled in this financial year as compared to last year. Not only that, the unit has also dispatched more than 1, 10,000 MT of Plates and Billets together in the month of March’16, and recorded as the highest ever dispatch figures of Angul. Individually the Billets and Plates dispatched records the highest ever in a month. The SSD unit of Angul also registered an increase of 31% of growth in terms of production. It has produced 49278 MT against 37570 MT last year and dispatched 46045 MT against 37536 MT last year. The total quality straight pass percentage stood at 98.91% (Highest ever) while the total inventory comes down to 64.71 crores (Lowest ever).

In an email communiqué to all employees, Mr. DK Saraogi, ED (I/C) and Location Head said, “Our asset is the rich experience we derived from each event we executed till date and we will have to continue to recycle this learning in the coming Financial year 2016-17 & beyond, for far reaching performances”. He also added, “It’s not just the production units which has performed well but all our services and associated units too played a vital role for our success”. He thanked our Honourable Chairman, MD and senior leaders for their mentoring and guidance to achieve this.